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  • Susie Valentine

Why reaching our goals doesn’t make us happy

Whenever I do a manifestation exercise with my classes, we start with a “manifestation list”. Most people will focus on tangible things they would like to bring into their life such as a new car, a new house, a promotion at work, new clothes or shoes, travel, a relationship, etc. We also often include a certain amount of money and success on our list. Why do we want all these things? Why do we want so many tangible, ostentatious things?

Of course, we want them as we believe they will make us feel good! But, do they really? As we have often have worked so hard for these goals, sometimes for large parts of our life, we expect and assume that they’ll to make us feel satisfied!

I agree, these things can make you feel good about yourself or make you feel successful, but the question is, for how long? Genuinely, think about it. You have finally reached an important goal on your list that you have worked so hard for. But, for how long did this make you feel good? Maybe for a few months or weeks or maybe just a couple of days or even less? How soon after do we lose interest and start yearning for something else? When did negative thought again raise its ugly head in your life? As soon as we achieve a significant goal in our lives, it becomes normal for the mind to crave something more.

Are we focussing on too much our goals? Are we distracting ourselves in order to suppress our real emotions? Are we ignoring our “inner self”? Are we avoiding having to pay any attention to our energetic blockages and triggers that we often try to ignore?

What I see a lot is that we don’t feel ok from the inside so and we look for a solution outside. For example, we start buying things, small or big items, because we believe this will make us feel better; we set our sights on situations that we believe will fulfil us and bring lasting contentment.

What do we really want in life?

We often seek unconditional love, happiness, joy, fulfilment as well as feelings of peace and freedom. I’m sure you could add more to your list. When we connect to these deep emotions in our heart, we realise that we take action and includes items on our manifestation list, because we believe they make us ‘FEEL’ a certain way.

We want to “manifest” this house to make us feel protected, safe, joyful; it makes us feel that we are good enough, that we have achieved because we can take care of our family and we can get recognition of this from others.

What has this got to do with the psyche? It suggests a possible answer that our psyche is constantly looking for; AM I ENOUGH?

But, seeking solutions outside of oneself is simply NOT the answer. If we want to experience unconditional love, true joy, happiness and more of these wonderful emotions in a continuous and sustainable way, we will have to look within ourselves, because this is the only place where we can find the real solution.

More on how to look within yourself and resolve energetic blockages, please read my previous article ‘The 3 secrets of creating peace of mind’.



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