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Theta healing is a meditative technique for accessing the subconscious mind. The guided meditations are a gift to aid your practice and empower you to take true ownership for your spiritual journey.


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Beliefs held in our subconscious mind can hold us back. The theta healing technique allows access to the subconscious to remove these limiting beliefs, replacing them with empowering beliefs. 

By clearing the way of limiting beliefs, we unlock our true potential.

Whether new to theta healing or an experienced practitioner, discover the next step in your journey.

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Foundation Courses


Theta Healing Basic Course

26 - 28 July 2024
12:30pm - 7:00pm BST (UK Time)

Live Online


Monthly Practice Group

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Develop your sixth sense and learn to trust your spiritual team

Discover more with a

free Masterclass!

In this course you learn how to communicate with your spiritual team and trust the messages they send you by activating your sixth sense.

Leverage the potential of your spiritual team with this mini series.

full access for only £53

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