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Thoughts are real things.

When we change our thoughts,
we change our reality

ThetaHealing® Advanced Course

Improve your abilities to receive different perspectives that bring you insights and play to your advantage in life and business.

The Advanced Course builds on the knowledge and understanding gained in the Basic course. It will both broaden and deepen your understanding of the ThetaHealing technique to access and up level the subconscious mind. The course will provide you with a better understanding of the framework used to discover further and succinctly communicate with different parts of the universe that surrounds us.


By learning more about  each of the ‘Seven Planes of Existence’ and how to work with each plane, you will be able to gain greater awareness of the influences on your subconscious mind and more clarity on where you can seek out continuous improvement.


Open up new opportunities for the road ahead by letting go of anger, regret and resentment.

You may or may not be able to see, feel or sense the energy at the moment. By understanding how our subconscious connects to the world around us, you will uncover the sources of your own intuition. Enabling you to strengthen it and for it to become a reliable and trustworthy influencer in your decision-making process.


This innovative approach will open up the opportunity to use the full capacity of your intuition to gain a vital edge. Through regular practice of accessing the theta state and up levelling your subconscious mind, you will alter your state of consciousness leading to a heightened awareness of the world.


Improve your ability to consider and receive different perspectives and bring you insights that play to your advantage in life and business.


Course Fundamentals 

Knowledge, skills and experience you will gain on this course include:

  • Enhance techniques for quickly connecting to the theta brainwave and the energy of all that is, achieving more impactful results

  • Improved skills, five techniques for identifying limiting subconscious beliefs and efficiently replacing with empowering beliefs that serve yourself and others in a positive way

  • Compound the benefits of clearing limiting beliefs with a wealth of downloads enhancing your self-belief and strengthening your confidence in your own skills, enabling confident self-leadership

  • The skills to overcome rejection, resentment and regret that would otherwise compromise the ability to perform at the highest level

  • Deep knowledge of the Seven Planes of Existence framework allowing rapid categorisation of information and appropriate techniques for engaging with each level

  • Comprehensive understanding of the universal laws, equations and rules for working with the energies influencing the subconscious

  • Connecting with energies across different planes and times to optimise our experience in our physical environment

Absolutely anyone can do this!

You will get most out of this course if you are open to new ideas, embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself and are willing to engage with meditative and spiritual theory.


Being enthused by the opportunity to make positive changes in your life sets you up for real transformation.

Prerequisites for this course: Theta Healing basic course

 This course is about 70% practical. 

By completing this course, you become a ThetaHealing advanced practitioner and you will receive a theta healing advanced certificate.


Theta Healing Advanced Course

24 - 26 August 2024
12:30pm - 7:00pm BST (UK Time)

Live Online

with James Rippingale


Theta Healing Advanced Course

18 - 20 October 2024
12:30pm - 7:00pm BST (UK Time)

Live Online

with Susie Valentine


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