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Explore your unlimited potential. Break bad habits and increase confidence in yourself and your abilities


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Align your Passion with your Purpose


Unlock the key to personal and professional success by enhancing human connections.

Recognising other people's emotions, relating to them in a way they feel understood and trusted, resulting in better relationships.

Real connection is not about what you say; it is about the ability to 

perceive and understand different perspectives without judgement.


Happiness, prosperity and fulfilment grow when we increase our awareness and shift to a higher level of consciousness.

Become more aware and let go of lower levels of consciousness such as guilt, anger and fear. Instead, allow higher levels of consciousness such as courage, acceptance and peace to fully integrate into your life and reach greater fulfilment. 


Everybody has moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. 

How much more could you achieve in life if you were not held back by negative thoughts or limiting beliefs?  

By working with me, we will focus on shifting your mindset. Releasing restrictive conscious or subconscious belief patterns, replacing them with positive and empowering beliefs.


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  1. Discover your purpose and accelerate your own path to success and fulfilment

  2. Explore your unlimited potential. Break bad habits and increase confidence in yourself and your abilities

  3. Trust your gut feeling and make better and faster decisions

  4. Stay on your 'A' game whilst having a better and healthier life/work balance

  5. Create abundance and strengthen your financial situation

  6. Create your desired breakthroughs and raise your emotional intelligence to become more effective in life

  7. Align mind, body, spirit to reach peak performance

  8. Transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs on a conscious and subconscious level


Releasing fear, resentment and regret to unlock your potential. A deep clearing of limiting subconscious beliefs & replacing them with empowering conscious and subconscious beliefs to manifest your desired life.

Individual Private Session

30 minute session


1 hour session


Package of Private Session

5x 30 minute sessions


5x 1 hour sessions


Packages are a 20% saving on individual sessions


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Iga Mrozek, Private Client from US

I worked with Susie closely over the past several months even though I am a certified spiritual healer utilising another modality. 


Susie was easy to work with and made the process fun. I felt truly supported and attended to throughout our time together even in between sessions. She was able to get me concrete results and help me clarify many issues. Each session was an exquisite divine healing journey.


Healing takes time and I found that I can make a lot of progress when I work with someone over a period of time. Just like working with a personal trainer, the dramatic results show when you are consistent and tenacious. I highly recommend working with her for three or six months at a time to get beautiful results. 


I left every session feeling like I could breathe more deeply, and sensing a world of new possibilities opening up to me. She will guide you through the process, be your cheerleader and your coach. She is professional, always on time, communicative, and extremely compassionate. Her energy is like a ray of sunshine beaming through the fog. 


I find theta healing in general to be a very useful and pleasant modality. I feel blessed to have Susie in my life in this capacity, though she shines in everything she does. Her positivity is contagious. She is dedicated to helping and gives her all. If I could sum her up in one word it would be: exceptional.