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Susie Valentine Business Coach Master Theta Healing Instructor

Susie Valentine

Master Theta Healing Instructor


Business Coach for Theta Healers




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  1. Discover your purpose and accelerate your own path to success and fulfilment

  2. Explore your unlimited potential. Break bad habits and increase confidence in yourself and your abilities

  3. Trust your gut feeling and make better and faster decisions

  4. Stay on your 'A' game whilst having a better and healthier life/work balance

  5. Create abundance and strengthen your financial situation

  6. Create your desired breakthroughs and raise your emotional intelligence to become more effective in life

  7. Align mind, body, spirit to reach peak performance

  8. Transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs on a conscious and subconscious level

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Releasing fear, resentment and regret to unlock your potential. A deep clearing of limiting subconscious beliefs & replacing them with empowering conscious and subconscious beliefs to manifest your desired life.

Individual Private Session

A 45 minute session


Package of Private Session

5x 45 minute sessions


Packages are an almost 20% saving on individual sessions


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Anna Petrova, CEO of

Family Lifestyle Store

Susie has a very very special place in my heart. Meeting her was a true gift from the Universe, and much needed life changing help and guidance. 

She is a genuinely kind, loving and caring human being with a very big heart and highly intelligent mind. I am very grateful to her for her compassion and kindness. 

Personally, I have been fortunate to experience both Theta Healing and business coaching sessions with Susie and they had a tremendous effect on my life. It has been a truly life changing experience that brought me so much clarity, inspiration and peace. 


Susie is a very intuitive person. She was always very quick to spot all the issues and limiting beliefs that were sitting deep inside, and truly did magic with the Theta Healing to heal and remove them.


A lot of wisdom and inspiration came from her, and I highly appreciate and value all the guidance and advice I have received. She made me realise that anything is possible if you create from your heart, and how powerful the energy of Love is.


When I think of all my sessions with Susie my heart fills with an immense feeling of gratitude and love.


It is normal for our subconscious, gut feeling, to be ahead of our conscious, logic based decision making brain. So if you feel that Private Sessions are right for you but want to talk it through, a Discovery Call is a good next step.

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Meet Susie

Susie Valentine is passionate about empowering action takers to realise their dreams and live their purpose. She is a Theta Healing Master Instructor and accomplished Business Coach who blends spiritual wisdom with practical business acumen.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding from her successful corporate career in hospitality, real estate and investment industries. Building on her 15 years of experience, she works with clients to understand themselves better, identify their life purpose and with her business coaching she guides them how to transform this purpose into a business that makes a real difference in the world.

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How to launch or scale your Theta Healing Business


Susie launched her first Group Business Coaching Programme at the start of 2024 after achieving outstanding results for her private clients. 

Leveraging her own experience of launching and scaling her business, Susie focussed on delivering results without overwhelm.

Whether you are prepare to launch your first business or looking for guidance on how to scale beyond a 'side hustle', Susie can guide you on your most effective next steps.

Interested in discovering how

Susie Valentine can help you?

Schedule your call now using the link below

Susie is looking forward to hearing from you

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