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theta healing dig deeper course

We are all guided by the life force, but we still have to take actions that feel right to achieve what we want

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Course

The Dig Deeper Course will take your ThetaHealing skills to the next level through extensive practise of using the theta brainwave. This is combined with learning eight different digging techniques to identify the deepest limiting beliefs in your subconscious, allowing you to unlock your true potential.

The best way of learning about anything is by doing it” (Richard Branson) and this course will focus on the practical skills required to confidently use the ThetaHealing technique independently, including working with clients who are unfamiliar with the technique.

Did you know that the fear of success is often bigger than the fear of failure. 

That is a reason why many people subconsciously rather fail than succeed.

Quite contradicting isn't it?

In this course you learn how to clear any fear for both success and failure, so our mindset is setup for success.

With a strong understanding of fundamental knowledge and the skills for discerning information from different energies, you will reinforce this with applied experience of the eight ways to reach a bottom belief.


The bottom belief may be masked with many other beliefs, behaviours or attitudes, exhibited both consciously and subconsciously, which can hold a person back from resolving issues at the deepest level.By developing your own skills building on best practise, you’ll be able to access and replace bottom beliefs to ensure an impactful and lasting change in yourself and others.


The approaches to digging to the bottom belief includes considering fear, 'is it a fear of failure or actually a fear of success?' The latter is far more common in high achievers. Resentment 'how is it serving you?' We hold on to resentment because we belief on a subconscious level that it helps us in some way.  Explore the art of the possible 'who said this was impossible?' It is only impossible until somebody achieves it.

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Visualisations become realisations when we feel the energy truly within us.

Change starts from within

Real-life guidance on how to hold space when working with others, distinguishing between bottom beliefs and their secondary gains, using the right questions to quickly gain insight into an area of key focus and carrying out energetic scans of people and other entities are all taught. We all have an ego and so understanding how to set-aside our ego, personal opinions or judgement of others at every level will allow you to serve those you’re working with but also yourself to achieve the maximum benefit from a session. This in itself can be an enlightening experience, opening your own subconscious mind to a diversity of new and innovative idea.


In mastering the techniques to upgrade your subconscious mind, you will be able to let go of self-sabotaging patterns, awakening your inner strength and realising your ability to live a truly fulfilled life.

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Course Fundamentals 

Knowledge, skills and experience you will gain on this course include:

  • Enhance your ability to reach to resolve limiting beliefs and creating more impactful, lasting change through use of the 8 Approaches to reaching the bottom belief

  • Deep practical understanding of how to set-aside your ego and serve others whilst developing your own skills and technique

  • How to create and hold the calmness and space required to protect yourself from the subconscious beliefs held by others whilst helping them to take ownership and improve their lives

  • Identify and replace limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your ultimate potential

  • Confidently be able to use ThetaHealing® techniques to challenge your inner self and take proactive steps in personal self-development

  • Identify and replace beliefs formed during historic scarring events

Theta Healing Basic Course

25-27 March 2022

12:00pm - 7:00pm GMT

(Live Online)



Theta Healing Dig Deeper

7 - 8 September 2024
12:30pm - 7:00pm BST (UK Time)

Live Online

with Susie Valentine


Theta Healing Dig Deeper

23 - 24 November 2024
12:30pm - 7:00pm GMT (UK Time)

Live Online

with James Rippingale


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