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From Head to Heart  has been created to empower beautiful souls like you to trust in yourself, believe in your own ability and  harness your inner power and strength.

When we live from our heart, we achieve alignment and balance in all areas of our life, in the work place, at home and in our relationships. Life becomes abundant, accomplished and complete.

        Working with me will let you experience how it is to live from your heart. To live from your heart is to gain the confidence to believe in yourself, to trust your intuition and to enjoy the beautiful things you attract.


Being driven and controlled by our head creates constant conversations, doubt and dilemma in our mind. Is what I am doing right?  What do other people think of me? 

Am I good enough for this?


On and on it goes. Despite taking so much effort, we still feel we need to justify why we are doing the things we are doing.  We are constantly fighting with the pressures of life and feeling that we have to prove ourselves (to ourselves as well as to others) and show that we are good or worthy enough of doing what we are doing. Living from our head and conscious thinking takes endless energy and is draining, demoralising and confusing.


Living from the heart is exactly the opposite. It starts from a place of calmness, peace and love. This lifts our spirits and creates self-love and trust within ourselves. It creates joy and it releases tension and stress. It shows a different view on the same situation; challenges become opportunities and failures become lessons. This is because we are approaching the same situations from a different perspective this starts with acceptance and love.

We look at it from a place of learning and empowerment; from a place of trust and light.

Life is flowing and becomes a dance instead of a fight. Life is fun and enjoyable and leads to letting go of control from our heads and being open to be guided by our inner self and our heart - the most powerful part within us.

Therefore, nothing has to change, only the way we look and feel about it. When guided by our heart, we create what we desire from a place of love, light and inner strength.

You can read more about Theta Healing and the benefits of this therapy here, but if you would like to find out more in a free 10 minute consultation before booking a full session, please get in touch. 


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Are you feeling overwhelmed, scattered, anxious, drained ... or maybe all of the above? Meditation allows us to pause and reframe our perspective so that we can learn to experience a greater sense of calm, relaxation, clarity, and focus in our lives.

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For many of us, finding the time ten minutes of meditation seems like an impossible feat given our busy schedules and pressing responsibilities — until we remember that our mind is our most valuable resource.

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New Book Coming Soon


I used to make all my decisions from my head because that is how I felt I had control of my life.

Now I have experienced living from my heart instead and it has opened up an entire new beautiful world with love, light and compassion.


I found clarity in my life purpose and because I moved from my head to my heart, I dare to live it now.


Life is not always easy and there are constant challenges that arise on each new level when we grow, I will share this in my book. Since I trust my intuition much more my life has been turned. I can now be my true self and

I am here to help you to feel the same way.

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Susie is an amazing and very gifted healer.

It immediately felt safe and secure to do healings with her and it was such a magical experience. She helped me to find and resolve deeply hidden subconscious blocks concerning my life path. I feel much lighter now - looking into my future with joy and confidence.

— Madeleine, Private Client from Austria


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