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  • Susie Valentine

Let Inner Work Change your Life

Covid has been the start of a huge transformation in the world. One positive to emerge from this dreadful pandemic is that it’s led to many, many people experiencing a spiritually awakening. It is one of the monumental events that is changing the way we communicate. By being locked in our homes, the external influences and opinions have significantly reduced.

Now is the perfect time to move from external communication, to internal communication.

Although the lockdown caused stress and difficult challenges, many people found themselves with more time to rest, relax and reflect as they worked from home and outside activities were severely curtailed. This hiatus from the hustle-bustle of every day life created the ideal opportunity for people to think more deeply about what they really want in their life.

Is the life that I am living fulfilling my needs?

I can guarantee that, for many individuals, the answer is “NO”. However, not feeling satisfied or content with your “lot” can create opportunities to embark on a new journey of self-exploration, of looking inwards to improve your life.

Questions such as “Who am I?” “What do I live for?” come up over and over again. Why? Because many people are living their life but are neither truly content or fulfilled. They might be chasing success, fame or money and once they achieve it, they realise that this is not actually making them happy.

Often our moments of happiness are influenced by alcohol, food, social situations or other external events. These moments that determine our happiness. Do you recognise this in yourself? I for sure do and I know many others are with me.

What can we do to really find the contentment we’re longing for?

We won’t find true consistent happiness externally. Real happiness and fulfilment are found within ourselves. Many people struggle to realise these feelings because they’re often not as easy to access as we might think.

When we look within ourselves, we automatically look to the conscious mind and are puzzled that we don’t find the answer there. Why not? Because the key to unlock the way to contentment lies in our subconscious. Our subconscious is influenced by our belief system. However, we’re probably not even aware of those beliefs that we hold in our subconscious.

I can assure you everyone has beliefs that are both limiting and empowering. The limiting ones block the road to happiness, to fulfilment and indeed, to who we really are.

So it is for us to do the inner work. We have to work with the subconscious to let go of the limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs. This isn’t something that happens in a day, a week or a month. This is a journey and every time you focus on this, you’ll will feel lighter, less burdened and happier. This is a sign that things are starting to flow in a positive direction.

How do we begin this process?

A great way to start is to listen to your intuition, your gut feeling, instead of analysing decisions in your head to double check that they make sense. Very often, decisions made by our intuition don’t seem logical, because we can’t envisage how things are going to unfold for us. But then, when we trust our intuition, I assure you that situations turn out better than we expect. This is because the universe is here to guide us. When we trust in our subconscious mind, the universe will show us the magic that it’s capable of.

If you find it difficult to listen to and trust your intuition, your path is probably blocked by limiting beliefs. Techniques that help to clear your mind in order to listen to your subconscious include hypnosis and Theta Healing. From years of experience, I’ve found that, more than anything else, Theta Healing has eliminated any damaging limiting beliefs and has opened the way to transformation, to believing in one’s inner self.

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