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  • Susie Valentine

Attract more Clients

Are you a service provider? Do you already have your own business? Would you like to start your own business? Of course, attracting clients is one of the most fundamental focus areas of any business venture.

This article is for any business or start-up in the service sector that wants to attract more clients on a consistent basis. I will discuss three valuable steps that will allow you to achieve this.

1. Know your target audience! It’s key to know what type of clients you are actually looking to attract.

The universe moves things in alignment with what you are looking for. Meaning the more specific you are, the more likely you are to attract the clients you want. You can go into real detail here.

When you offer a more generalised service, you leave yourself open to too wide a range of clientele. Not being specific or clear enough about the type of client that’s best suited to you often encourages unsuitable takers. This could be clients who might show a lot of resistance when you work with them, they might not listen or don’t put anything into action. Maybe they are paying late or don’t pay at all. It is important to specify to the universe what kind of clients you are looking for in full detail, so it can bring the right clients onto your path. You might think, that sounds too easy, does it really work that way?

Yes, it can be really that simple. Even the simplest tasks within a business requires focus, consistency and probably quite a bit of effort! What I have seen with my clients is that the process becomes much easier when you clear limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind, as this opens new doors for the right energy to flow. The tool that works really well to achieve this is Theta Healing.

2. Focus on a value add strategy.

When you are clear on your target market and what they are looking for, it is time to implement a value add strategy. Start by providing your target market with things that will genuinely help them. Make sure you do this on a consistent basis as this will build trust with your audience.

Stop focussing on “what’s in it for me”; switch this round and ask yourself “what’s going to add the most value to my clientele”. I guarantee you that when you change your focus and you genuinely want to “serve” your clients in the best way possible, they WILL energetically sense this and your working relationship builds faster and stronger. Referrals and recommendations will naturally follow on as a result of this change in attitude and subsequent successful working relationships.

3. Nurture your clients.

When I talk about nurturing clients, I’m referring to consistently following up with them; remind them about the benefits you offer; provide content and tools that are of value to them. However, don’t overload them with a barrage of calls or emails.

Yes, every now and again, offer them one of your products that will be of benefit to them, but do this without pressuring them or using manipulative selling techniques. It is all about being genuine and building trust. This creates a long term sustainable business.

I am sure we have all come across companies using aggressive selling techniques and scarcity tools to pressure people into signing up. Personally, I avoid this approach as it feels like making money is the overriding aim. Please, have your client’s best interest at heart.

There are, of course, other approaches that create far more loyal and passionate followers which provide as good or even better results.

It is about switching the intention or purpose of your business from revenue and profit to “How can I serve my clients in the best way possible?”

It might be a longer term strategy that involves more nurturing, but when people are ready, they will sign up because it feels right for them and they will return over and over again. You will also find that they recommend you to others, which, in turn lowers your outlay in marketing costs as your clients market your services for you.

To summarise, the golden keys are:

  • Target market: be clear on what clients you are serving.

  • Value add: Let go of what you want and focus on what is adding real value to your target market. - Consistency: create a plan and consistently serve your clients, so they can rely upon you. This builds the trust that is invaluable.

  • Nurture: When you genuinely care about your clients, it doesn’t matter if they sign up to one of your offerings now, next month or next year, because it is not about getting them to sign up; it’s about building trust and serving them. Your clients will know when you care about them. They’ll acknowledge the benefits and they love and appreciate it. They will come to you when they are ready, because you have created this relationship of trust with them.

When you like more about this and how you can implement this in your business, I would like to invite you to join my training this Sunday, 15 August at 7 pm where we go into more detail on how to attract more paying clients.

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