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ThetaHealing Soul Mates Course

Our soul mates are souls we know from another place and time. When we meet them we often feel a deep connection. It feels like you already know this person and you directly resonate with them. Often it can feel like you’ve know them all of your life, even if you’ve only known them for a very short period of time.


We all have multiple soul mates on this earth, more than ever before. We can attract soul mates into our life as friends and as partners. Important is that you attract your most compatible soul mate, because not all your soul mates will be a great match for you. It depends on where you both are in your journey of life.


Meeting your soul mate does not directly guarantee the most beautiful relationship. If your soul mate is not compatible with you, very challenging relationships can occur. Therefore we guide you in this course on how to attract the most compatible soul mate for you.


This course is for anyone who wants to:


  • Attract their most compatible soul mate into their life

  • Create the most beautiful, loving and passionate relationship with their soul mate

  • Reenergise your relationship with your soul mate

  • Become the best version of yourself in your relationships

In this course we will focus on:

  • How to attract your most compatible soul mate into your life, so you can create your desired relationship

  • What is important to take into consideration when you manifest for your soul mate.  Doing the manifestation correctly avoids that you attract an incompatible soul mate

  • The different types of soul mates and love

  • Getting clarity on what you are looking for in your relationship with your soul mate


In order to make your relationships the best they can be, they require continuous focus. If you start taking your relationships for granted and stop investing your energy into it, they can turn quickly to an undesired state.


During this soul mate course you will discover and clear beliefs in your subconscious that are holding you back to be the best version of yourself in your relationships and creating your most beautiful relationships.

Prerequisites for this course: Theta Healing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper Courses prior to attending this course.


This course is about 70% practical. 

By completing this course, you become a ThetaHealing Soul Mates practitioner and you will receive a ThetaHealing Soul Mates certificate.

We don't have any Soul Mates Courses planned at the moment. If you would like to attend this course, please email us and we can find a suitable date and time.

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