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You & The Earth

Do you want to make the world a better place?

As humans, we are all connected to our planet and during the You & The Earth course, you will learn the different ways we are connected and just how important that connection really is.

Would you like to save the planet by projecting positive thought forms?

  • Meditation

  • Expanding into the earth

  • Listening and talking to the earth


During this course you will learn how to hear the cycles of the Earth, hear the sounds of the water, how Schumann waves transmute energy via lightning and the differences between levels of vibration and frequency.


Take a moment to imagine how wonderful it feels when you step out of your car after a long drive and breath in that fresh seaside air. The planting of your bare feet into the sand and stones with the water lapping nearby. . .

Or the
peace you feel when you’ve finish a long day of hiking, your boots and socks come off and your skin touches the cold stones outside your house.

You feel grounded and
connected to the earth.

When we go on holiday or get away for the weekend we are drawn towards places that we can connect with the earth in order to reduce stress. Living in a stressed state means that we become stuck in the beta brainwave and limit our access to the high theta / alpha brainwaves that allow our bodies relax and heal themselves.


It is not just radios and electronics that emit electromagnetic waves but our brains do too. The Earth has a natural resonance of 7.83 Hz which aligns with the healing essence of the high theta / alpha brainwaves.


But when we are constantly bombarded by 24 hour news cycles outpouring negative energy into the collective consciousness, we increase our own brainwaves above this natural state. Then multiply this by our densely populated planet with over 7 billion people all becoming increasingly stressed and you can see we are facing a real challenge. It is time for change and each one of us contributes to this. During this course you learn how you can play your part. 

Peace within the world starts with peace within ourselves. Creator of All That Is provides higher guidance to find the peace within ourselves with ease.

Prerequisites for this course: Theta Healing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper Courses prior to attending this course.


This course is about 75% practical and can only be done in person.

By completing this course, you become a ThetaHealing You and The Earth practitioner and you will receive a ThetaHealing You and The Earth certificate.


You & The Earth

13 July 11:30am - 6:30pm BST &
14 July 9:00am - 3:30pm BST
(UK Time)

Live in person

with Susie Valentine


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Have you considered completing You & The Earth as part of a package?

By investing in a package of courses, you will receive additional bonus content, get better value for money and build lasting relationships with like minded people on the courses.

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