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  • Susie Valentine

The 3 secrets of creating peace of mind

In the first part of this article we touched upon what the ego is and how we can silence the chatter in our head to reduce its influence. Today, I am going to give you the best tools that you can use to create peace of mind and reduce the influence of the ego. They range from the most simple and often underestimated tools to the more advanced.

Here are the 3 simplest and most effective tools, so you can reach greater inner freedom and liberation.

1. Nature. The simplest tool I use is one that everybody can access, which is spending time in nature. Nature has a loving and forgiving energy. It also allows us to create space in our head, clears the clouds and allows us to think more clearly again. Nature leads us to our heart, where we can better connect with our gut feeling, without having to over analyse a situation.

For me, spending time in nature is when my creativity starts flowing and the most wonderful ideas pop into my mind. Innovation does not necessarily happen at a desk in the office, it usually occurs when the ego is silent and we allow the energy to flow freely without judgement or hindrance.

2. Daily Meditation. The second tool I use is daily meditation, a powerful technique that calms the mind, reduces and sometimes even completely silences the chatter in our head. About five years ago, I would meditate on and off. Setting aside 10 minutes for daily meditation was a real challenge at first. I found myself procrastinating for 30 minutes to avoid meditating for 10 minutes. It does not make logical sense at all when we think about it, but limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind could hold us back from simple actions. The results achieved from daily meditation were immense. I realised the positive impact on my outlook and decision making. I gained more trust in my intuition, rather than having to see scientific proof that something like this works.

3. ThetaHealing®. The third tool I use is the ThetaHealing Technique. “What is this?” “I’ve never heard of it.” “I don’t need healing.” “I am perfectly healthy and fine!”

How often do you hear people say this?

ThetaHealing is a highly successful technique whereby we can easily access beliefs that are being held in our subconscious mind. I’ve encountered several powerful techniques from NLP to hypnosis, but ThetaHealing is the most effective and quickest technique of all. It supports fast breakthroughs and increases emotional intelligence. The technique allows for better decision making and competitive advantages in our business whilst creating our desired work life balance. It is an excellent tool to resolve our deepest fears, worries or doubts. ThetaHealing compliments spending time in nature and daily meditation.

If you like to know more about this technique, check out this page.

I will be teaching the basic course on how to access the subconscious mind. Anybody can learn this and it goes much faster if you are a highly motivated and driven individual! If you are interested, just click here.



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