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  • Susie Valentine

What factors influence your subconscious decision making and how to create peace of mind

From the beginning of time, the human mind’s priority has been survival and this is still the one of its key priorities. This is mostly driven by our ego. How does this affect us in our daily life today?

Let’s start with the ego, what is the ego? Do you recognise this kind of conversation with yourself?

“What was the thing the I needed to remember? My colleague told me this morning and I totally forgot. What was it again? Damn, why can I never remember these things. I should really write it down next time, so I don’t forget.”

We all have a constant dialogue running through our mind that never stops. We are so used to it, that we might not even realise how often this is going on.

How often is this chatter in the mind actually positive? Rarely, because the ego is mostly driven by fear this is how it believes it can survive. When new ideas or potential opportunities outside of our comfort zone arise, we might experience an initial feeling of excitement. However, when we start thinking about it and going over it in our mind, our ego starts to influence us and take control. We start to doubt and to question ‘is this the right thing to do?’ ‘What would others think of this?’ ‘What if it goes wrong?’ ‘Shall I just leave it?’. This voice in your head is risk averse and often keeps us from taking action that might be in line with our heart unless we have taught ourselves how to silence this deliberation chatter in our mind.

How can we silence the chatter in our head and reduce the influence of the ego?

It is important to become aware of the conversations in our head and consciously make a decision to let them be, instead of responding to them over and over again. We can become the observer of the voice rather than the responder. By responding, we are feeding the fear that the ego is expressing and this creates doubt.

Susie, that is easily said, but I have tried this and it is not so easy. That’s right, the ego can be really persistent and keeps us “in our head” rather than guiding us to our heart.

Why would we want to be in our heart?

When we are “in our heart”, we are bringing ourselves in alignment with who we truly are. We are following our ideas, do the things that make us truly happy and that bring us joy. We are guided by a life force that is beyond us, meaning we can trust rather than having to understand everything. When we live from the heart, events are not always linear, meaning A leads to B and that leads to C. Experience become non-linear, a space is created for events to take place that we might not be able to comprehend with our mind, because it is beyond logic. When led by our heart, we are connecting with a deeper part of us that guides us, the part of ourselves which is not driven by fear, but by love. This is how we can up-level and move from success to fulfilment.

In my next article, I will reveal the best tools that I use to create peace of mind and reduce the influence of the ego.

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