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  • Susie Valentine

The benefits of the Theta brainwave

The benefits of the Theta brainwave

Why is it beneficial to understand more about our brainwaves?

Our brain experiences five different type of brainwaves, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Everything that you think or say is impacted by your brainwaves and a certain brainwave will be more prevalent depending on how your brain is trained.

This can lead either to more challenging experiences or indeed make life easier.

A brief explanation about the different brainwaves:

Delta is deep sleep, it has a frequency of zero to four cycles per second.

Theta is a very deep state of meditation in which we can connect to God, the Creator or the life force. The brainwaves have a frequency of four to seven cycles per minute.

Monks meditate for hours and hours to reach the Theta brainwave, as it provides a state of absolute calmness and connectedness.

When we are connected to the Theta brainwave, it can be thought of as connecting to the subconscious mind, which governs our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour; meaning the subconscious significantly influences our decision making. By being connected to the theta wave, we can upgrade our emotional intelligence, resolve deep energetic blocks, relieve anxiety or overcome things that hold us back.

Many of us are simply not aware of the wisdom we hold. We might be uncertain about our life path or purpose, we may have reached success and ask ‘is this it, is this all life has to offer?’. When you ask questions like these, it is time for some spiritual growth.

Connecting to the Theta brainwave allows your subconscious to become conscious thought, providing the opportunity for spiritual growth. You can experience the sense of oneness and bring yourself in alignment with your true purpose.

Alpha is a relaxed and meditative state of mind which allows for daydreaming and fantasising. It has a frequency of seven to 14 cycles per second.

Beta is the state of being awake, thinking and talking. The mind is active and alert. The frequency for the Beta wave is between 14 and 28 cycles per second.

Gamma appears to be involved in a higher mental activity. The brainwave we use when we learn and process information. The brain frequency is anywhere between 40 and 5000 cycles per second. In times of emergency, the brain has been measured to switch between Theta and Gamma without other brainwaves being present. The Theta Gamma state is often present when a ‘miracle’ such as instant healing takes place.

Meditation is a powerful tool to calm the mind and access the Alpha brainwave. Experienced meditators will be able to access the Theta waves at times, which gives a real feeling of unconditional love and connectedness. The thetahealing technique will teach you how to connect to this brainwave within less than a minute to avoid having to meditate for hours on end.

Remember why we want to access the Theta brainwave: scientists have discovered that certain brainwaves such as the Alpha, Theta and Theta-Gamma state can achieve the following:

1. Alleviates stress, brings calmness and a lasting reduction in anxiety

2. Allows for deep physical relaxation

3. Improves verbal performance

4. Synchronises both hemispheres of the brain, allowing information to flow freely between the two parts of the brain. This helps with optimal performance, energising your body, releasing stress and improving focus

5. Reduces pain

6. Promotes an intense feeling of wellbeing and happiness. The type of feeling you get after a great workout, lots of laughter or enjoying social contact

7. Stimulates endorphin release - it releases pain and makes you happy

8. Brings mental clarity

9. Allows for spontaneous imaginary creative thinking

If you’d like to know how more, we’d love to meet you during a free discovery call. No sales pitches, we are here to serve you on your journey.

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