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  • Susie Valentine

What Motivates You?

The reason we take action in life is because we are motivated in some way.

  • Are you aware of what motivates you?

  • Are your motivations helping you to reach your desired goals with ease and joy?

  • Or, is what’s motivating you causing you pain and struggle?

We all have multiple motivators and you might have realised that some reactions within you occur every time you are in a certain situation; e.g. you only make good progress when you get angry or, in the workplace, your team try much harder when you show your frustration with them. However, it could also be the opposite, your team delivers significantly greater results when you are grateful for their efforts, when you empower them and regularly praise them for what they have achieved.

I have recently had several clients whereby it became clear that they had some motivators that significantly limited them; hence my article today.

No matter how harmless or harmful our motivators appear, we need to become aware of what those motivators are. Only then, do we have the opportunity to consciously change them.

Are you letting your motivators sabotage you or do you choose to change them to something that is positive and contributes to yourself and others?

Motivators can show up in any area of life, just a few examples which can bring in some awareness.

Example 1: One of my motivators used to be food.

Whenever I needed to get an important assignment finished and I procrastinated over it, I made a lot more progress when I had a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream next to me! I got so much more done by sabotaging myself with this motivator, because my ego stopped resisting as it was satisfied with the food exchange.

Example 2: I used to play football.

When we played a match, my trainer used to get angry and frustrated at half time. This was his way of motivating us to perform better and be more focussed.

Did this work? I’m not sure. It might have done at times, but I do know now that motivating yourself or others through fear and frustration is definitely not the easiest and most effective way to achieve results.

Getting angry takes a lot of inner energy. This depletes the energy resources within us, thereby limiting what we can achieve as an individual and as a team.

It is so much easier when we allow the “life force” to guide us and the energy flows without us having to control and dominate it. When we do this, situations often unfold in a way our mind could not even have imagined. Some people call this luck, other might speak about miracles. I believe that it’s simply trusting that everything will turn out in the best way possible and daring to let the energy flow without having to interfere.

Example 3: In my previous business and also during the start of this business success and money used to be part of my motivators. Of course, bringing real transformation for my clients was one of my key motivators too, but, at first, it was not the only one.

However, I soon realised that my world felt out of alignment when success and money were the motivators. So, I detached myself from these elements in my subconscious.

I then focused on my only true motivator - serving beautiful souls who are ready, respect and will benefit from the energy work and courses I offer. I allow the life force to serve through me to realise the best outcome for us all. I trust the life force to provide whatever a person needs. This has taken my business to a whole new level. More clients are finding me; the overwhelm and stress that can come with growing a business disappeared and I am helping and guiding more and more people on their journey. It just flows.

Try and let go of your own “wants”; focus on your most positive motivators; set the intention to serve whoever you meet along the way and look towards your inner self for satisfaction. You will be surprised what beautiful and rewarding experiences you will enjoy. This is so much more valuable than anything else. The beauty is, when you truly serve from your heart, you are in the right place, you are “in alignment” and you will be looked after. The outcomes are truly amazing. Clients don’t just like, they will LOVE your products and or services. They will start recommending you to others and if you want it or not, success and money will be also part of the result. More importantly, you will feel in alignment and fulfilled.

I would like to invite you to take a moment and think about:

  • What motivates you in life?

  • How do you realise your goals?

  • Is this the way you want to live your life, or would you like to change what motivates you?

Now it the time to set new intentions for yourself. We can all change, whenever we consciously make that decision.

With love and gratitude,


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