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  • Susie Valentine

Surrender, Weakness or Strength?

What comes into your mind when you think of “surrender”?

Just take a few seconds right now to consider what surrender means to you? Are you thinking about giving up, throwing in the towel, calling it a day? Is surrender for you a sign of weakness? Do you believe that people who are not strong enough have to surrender? Do you associate surrender with individuals who cannot keep control?

When we look back a few generations, this is exactly what surrender was for most people, and therefore, it is still like this in our subconscious.

A large part of our subconscious is formed by our genetic line. Our genetic line still influences how we perceive and behave in situations. This is also in relation to other countries, cultures and religions. In many situations, the beliefs from our ancestors are very helpful to us, however, times have changed and so part of their belief systems that we have inherited are somewhat outdated. I.e. our ancestors were focussed on survival and had beliefs such as: I have to control what is going on in my life to be safe; it is dangerous to trust others; money is evil, etc.

These kind of limiting beliefs often linger in our subconscious mind without us even being aware of it. However, when we start to revisit these beliefs we realise that we can become invigorated and more energetic and things flow more easily in our life. It can also enhance relationships, grow businesses and contribute to healing ourselves.

There are several ways of challenging those beliefs, such as by meditation and by following your intuition. If you want help to confront your beliefs, if you want to quicken the pace of change in your life, or if you want to discover what might be holding you back, I would highly recommend trying a Theta Healing course or some Theta Healing sessions. This modality has incredible results in raising your level of consciousness, feeling fulfilled and more happy in life.

Coming back to surrender. Surrender is a highly underestimated opportunity.

Would you like to know the highest truth about surrender from the perspective of the universe? This is the message that I received when I asked and channelled from the universe:

Surrender is being open for a higher guidance, being open to new perspectives. Surrender replaces resistance. How do we, therefore, surrender ourselves? We achieve by moving from our Head to our Heart; thereby allowing our instinct to reign over logic, over other people’s opinions and influence of our ego. We need to stop resisting the natural flow of energy.

Real surrender requires deep levels of trust. Trust in the universe and the higher guidance that we can all experience. This doesn’t mean that everyone who receives it accepts it and allows it to unfold the way that the universe intended. Many people are not open to receive this higher guidance yet. Others receive guidance, but then want to control it and cannot accept it when to doesn’t unfold as they had planned.

Luckily many of us are opening ourselves up to receive this beautiful and powerful higher guidance. Trust and faith is increasing. We acknowledge that energies are all around us, but we don’t always know exactly what they do or what they mean. When you have invited and heeded the call of those energies, beautiful things will happen exactly the way they are meant to. Experiencing this just once or twice will really build your trust and confidence in our higher guidance from the universe, allowing you to move forward without constant fight or struggle.

When our level of consciousness increases, our intuition strengthens, trust grows and we are able to welcome uncertainty. We love going with the flow of energy and we will allow ourselves to make the right decisions without having to control the situation. This is real surrender.

When you truly surrender you allow the universe to guide you without second guessing or having to question everything. You simply trust that whatever happens will be the best thing for you and others.

Do you want to try this beautiful experiment? Focus on doing things that intuitively feel right for you, even if it’s not fashionable or following the crowd; listen to your heart and try saying yes to situations that you would usually say no to: you will experience wonderful things that would never have crossed your path if you’d tried to control everything from your mind. You meet new amazing people and you might find yourself contributing in a way you could have never imagined. During these eye opening experiences you will learn a lot without having to constantly struggle, fight or be in conflict with yourself.

Surrender is, I’m convinced one of the most powerful ways of living. Please let me help you to surrender or please contact me to talk over any questions you have about listening to your Heart. Happy surrendering!



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