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  • Susie Valentine

Stepping into your Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth?

Are you here to contribute and add value or are you here to learn and develop? Maybe it is both.

For many years I wasn’t aware of what my Life Purpose was. Like so many of us, I lived life only focussing on myself and the bubble around me; I didn’t think about the impact I could have on others and what we can achieve collectively.

Life Purpose can be bigger than we believe we are capable of and many people easily and unwittingly block themselves from consciously knowing their Life Purpose. Even though we might have a feeling, a deja vu experience, a dream or vision, we question whether this is real or possible. Sadly, we often choose to ignore it. We are, thereby, closing the energy flow to what our Life Purpose could be.

What is a Life Purpose all about?

I believe we are all here with a Purpose. We are here to evolve as a soul. Hence, we create all kind of experiences that encourage us to grow. We are also here to contribute; to contribute to each other and to the world’s evolution. This is when your Life Purpose comes into play.

Could it be that our soul makes a pact with the Universe about what we’ll contribute to this world, even before we arrive on Earth? A few of us can remember this agreement and live our life accordingly, but most of us do not remember. It doesn’t matter because ultimately there is always a way for us to find our path, our Life Purpose.

There are many advantages of knowing what our Life Purpose is. For example, when we’re aware of it, we might not be so resistant to the changes in our life that bring us in line with our Purpose. We start to listen more and more to our gut instinct and intuition. This will make your life a whole lot easier and even more enjoyable!

Are you curious to learn more about your Life Purpose? Life Purpose is often related to the following points:

  • It is something you are passionate about

  • Things you have a natural interest in are often related to your Life Purpose

  • Something you are good at, that comes easily to you

  • It often is something with a universal Purpose. It can benefit you and a great part of society

  • You enjoy doing these things and you probably will have a talent for it

For example, my Life Purpose is to bring people back to their hearts, so we can all experience life from a place of love, joy and inner peace.

Don’t ignore the signals from your intuition. What’s more, stop listening to others’ judgement as often people judge unwisely and selfishly. Listening to others’ opinions can prevent us from our Life Purpose. They might say they have your best interest at heart, but much of people’s judgement is negative and destructive. People often judge because they are not happy with themselves and judging others is a way of averting attention from their own unhappiness or insecurity. In this way, they don’t have to admit to themselves or others around them that they don’t feel ok. Don’t let others distract you with their opinions. Follow your heart and take action on what feels right for you!

So, you identify your Life Purpose by connecting to your heart, listen to your instinct and take the action that you are intuitively feel guided to do. This is often what you enjoy doing and when you follow these steps you feel in flow. It lights up your heart. It does not mean that everything is always easy, but you feel in alignment. It feels right.

Questions to discover your Life Purpose

  • What would really light up your life? Avoid money or tangible items, go a little deeper. What feelings, what experiences, what changes would really light up your life?

  • If everything is possible, what would you do in your life?

  • How would you like to contribute to this world?

Take a minute to answer these questions for yourself.

It would be my pleasure to help you find your Life Purpose. When the universe works with you, the most beautiful things unfold in a way that you could never have imagined.

If you’d like to discover more, this Sunday June 13, I am hosting a free online webinar about how to step into your Life Purpose. You can register via this LINK.



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