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  • Susie Valentine

Letting Go of Fear

Fear is something that we all experience at times. However, the way we deal with it is different for each person, leading to different choices we make in life, resulting in diverse experiences and outcomes.

Why does Fear Influence Us and Constantly Hold us Back?

Fear is often the result of our defence mechanism that drives our survival instinct. Of course, the ego does not take into consideration how this makes us feel or the impact it has on our decision making. Fear is something that holds us back from creating the future we want. Taking the actions required to live our passion and follow our dreams. To create a change that has a positive effect on ourselves as well as potentially a large part of society.

Often when someone starts this journey, they can face resistance, as people around them are often not open to new territory. This can create doubt and insecurity, thereby influencing a persons’ decision making. Are they sticking with it or giving up?

What Helps Us to Overcome Fear?

There are multiple ways to conquer fear. I would like to share a statement from Martin Luther King that addressed fear in a way that really inspired me.

“I have always felt that ultimately along the way of life an individual must stand up and be counted and be willing to face the consequences whatever they are. And if he is filled with fear he cannot do it. My great prayer is always for God to save me from the paralysis of crippling fear, because I think when a person lives with the fears of the consequences for his personal life he can never do anything in terms of lifting the hole of humanity and solving many of the social problems which we confront in every age and every generation.”

If what we are contributing to others’ lives inspires us, and our purpose is bigger than us, we will be willing to move beyond our fear, because the outcome of what we are working towards is more important than the fear that is holding us back.

The challenge is that not everybody feels this drive or has a purpose that is so strong that they are willing to move beyond fear. This has become more apparent in our society because many of us are comfortable and well looked after, with all our basic needs for survival met. Many of us prefer familiarity and moving within our comfort zone, rather than facing the fear of what could happen if we move out of it. A lot of this has to do with the beliefs in our subconscious mind. Being in this position is not uncommon. Even though I am an action taker, I have also found myself in this position many times, where my fear has limited me from moving forward.

The way I have dealt with this is by focusing on self-development and spiritual development, i.e. on inner growth. Learning from inspirational leaders who have gone through this and changed the world for the better.

I also do daily meditation to calm my thoughts and I use the Theta Healing technique to clear fear from my subconscious mind. There are multiple ways that this can help. Focussing on listening to your feelings and connecting with your heart is extremely powerful. The most important thing is to become aware and focus on a solution that feels right for you, because this is going to help you overcome your fear.



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