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  • Susie Valentine

How do you make decisions in your life? From your mind or are you listening to your gut feeling?

I constantly asked myself questions like “How can I get better?” “How can I feel more fulfilled?” “How can I achieve more?” “How can I be more successful?” “How can I make more money?”

Why was I constantly asking myself these questions? What did I really want?

Here is the answer!

  • I love growth, because “growth” creates happiness.

  • I always need to be good enough, because this was how I believed, I would be loved.

  • I love helping out others, because this just lights me up.

  • I love making money and I set up a side businesses alongside work. It made me feel successful, but only for a short period of time until I became bored again.

  • I love going outside my comfort zone into my stretch zone, it creates uncertainty, but also something new and exciting.

Why did I pursue all these things? Deep down I wanted to feel loved and fulfilled. For years, I have been looking for this externally, outside of myself, because it felt much easier then looking inwards at myself. Even when I made progress and felt happy, I set very hard rules for myself. I was highly motivated and driven and I believed that I had to work so hard to be successful. Once I reached that external success, I did feel happy, but it never lasted more than a few days, sometimes only a few hours. Not an ideal way to create true happiness in life.

Over the last few years I went on a journey of inner growth. I avoided this for many years, because, if I am really honest, it was quite confronting to look honestly at myself. Nobody is perfect and what would happen if I find things within me that I dislike? If I dislike myself, how am I going to live with myself for the rest of my life? Good question, that is why I avoided it for many years and had an Excel spreadsheet to underwrite my life decisions, because this is how I felt in control. My mind analysed the reasoning for my decisions the evidence was there to properly back it up. Therefore, I thought I was making the right decisions. At least that is what I kept saying to myself.

It is a little harder to underwrite in Excel situations that are dependent on behaviour of others. We can control our own behaviour, at least most of the time, but calculating the behaviour of others mathematically is not as straight forwards without the Facebook algorithms.

When I was looking for a business coach, my first intuitive/mindset coach crossed my path, without me even knowing it! She was amazing, but did things slightly differently. Rather than looking at my well underwritten spreadsheets, she just intuitively knew what was right or wrong and guided me to resolve limiting beliefs in my conscious and subconscious mind. This switch made the biggest difference in my life and in my business. Initially I did not trust it, because there was no evidence, but when great things started happening, that I could not have calculated in Excel, I changed.

I started to recognise what an instinctive gut feeling meant and how I could leverage this in my life. The outcome of this was amazing! My income increased by 350%, I attracted the most beautiful relationship in my life, I accepted myself for who I am, even though I am not perfect, I am loving life, but most importantly I have learned techniques how to resolve limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs with grace and ease.

How have I impacted on others?

My own transformation and my understanding of how we can all move from ‘Head to Heart’ has enabled me to support and guide clients to turn around their life on their terms. Helping business owners to increase their emotional intelligence, grow profitability whilst having a better balance with more joy in life has been a truly rewarding experience. Guiding already successful people to the next level, where they move from financial success to feeling genuinely fulfilled has been a privilege. To me this is the biggest gift I have received and I am truly grateful to be able to serve other in this way.

From now on I will contribute through a weekly post (video or article), sharing insights on how we can up-level our mindset and grow our emotional intelligence to create what want the most in life.



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