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Don't try to be something to everyone.

Be everything to someone.


You & Your Significant Other

This seminar is created to bring you to the next step in your relationships, but you don’t need to be in one to get a huge amount of value from this. 

This course is amazing for improving your relationship with your partner and also with the people around you, your friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances. 

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This course is not just about evolving your relationship with others. It is also about evolving the relationship with the most important person in your life, which is YOU!


During these two days, we focus on unlocking your highest potential in your relationships. We will be removing blocks from the genetic line, which were handed down from your ancestors. So, you can live without fearing love and commitments and show you that you can be free and your authentic self also in a relationship. 

This course is for your when you want to:

  • Strengthen your foundation for strong and flourishing relationships

  • Avoid boredom in your relationships

  • Keep your relationships fresh and passionate

  • Strengthen the relationship you have with yourself

  • Bring new life into your relationships

  • Let your relationships work for you

"Anyone can love a thing 'because', but to love something 'despite' - to know the flaws and love them too. That is pure and perfect."

Patrick Rothfuss

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Being in a relationship in not just about loving the other person. Many of us are pretty good at that. However, it is also about allowing yourself to receive love and accepting the love from someone else. Letting others love you, starts with opening that door to love yourself for who you are.

All aspects from yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, emotions, every aspect, because the way you are is already perfect from Creators perspective.


This understanding is important to bring your relationship to the next level and allow you to grow to a better version of yourself.

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Prerequisites for this course: Theta Healing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper Courses prior to attending this course.


This course is about 70% practical. 

By completing this course, you become a ThetaHealing You and Your Significant Other practitioner and you will receive a ThetaHealing You and Your Significant Other certificate.

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