The Power of Thought

Thoughts influence what we feel and what we attract in our lives.

Do you know people who are always lucky?

You do not know how they do it, but one way or another, they seem to have it all.

Beautiful relationships, promotions at work, amazing house, great friends and more. They manage to achieve everything, whilst others try for years, in vane.

This is not luck. We call it luck, but really it is a mindset. Our thoughts create our reality.

Creation starts when we combine positive thoughts with pure trust from our hearts.

How do you deal with situations that turn out differently from how you anticipated? How do you deal with disappointment and negative behaviour from others?

Do you give in to negative, sad or angry emotions? Or, do you identify the situation as an opportunity?

What is the lesson for you from this experience?

What are the positives you can take from it?

Many of my clients do not realise the positives in unfortunate or challenging situations. When I encourage them to see that every situation can bring us a gift, they embrace and acknowledge positives. When their mindset changes, their energy changes and it starts flowing again.

These are two different mindsets, creating two completely different lives.

It is for you to decide what life you want to create and live.

Putting Thoughts into Practice

Here is an example of one of my disempowering thoughts:

"If I am the most successful person in the team, people will think I am arrogant and dislike me."

Can you see how this thought prevented me grow as a person. My belief system thinks I will be disliked and potentially loose friends or loved ones if I grow.

I changed this belief to:

"If I am the most successful person in the team, I add a lot of value to the business, I inspire my colleagues and am at peace with myself."


We have many conscious and unconscious beliefs that are preventing us from what we want to attract in our life. I will show you how you can empower yourself and change your beliefs.

  • How your thoughts create your desired reality

  • How to become aware of your thoughts

  • What creates your negative and positive thoughts

  • To identify how these negative thoughts are serving you. Our negative thoughts are influencing us in a way, often unconsciously

  • How to let go of negative thoughts without losing the benefit you get from them

  • Finally, how to replace negativity with positivity 

In the course, "The Power of Thought" you will learn:

Do you know that you can pick up thoughts from others and believe they are yours?

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel great and out of nowhere, your mood completely changes and you did not know what caused this change?

You have probably picked up thoughts from someone else, which are now influencing how you feel.

 In this course, you will learn how to distinguish which thoughts are yours and which are not.

When you become aware of this, you can consciously change it and I will show you how, in an easy way.

Negative thoughts create a busy mind, takes up our energy and influences our mood in a destructive way.

It feels like life is against us and we have to fight it.

"The Power of Thought" program enables us to become more aware of the thoughts in our head and clear the barriers that hold us back.

  • The difference between thoughts from your conscious and subconscious mind and how to create thoughts to attract what you desire from your heart

  • A process by which unconditional love can change our limiting thoughts to empowering thoughts with ease

  • How to create a life where you can trust your intuition, where you are guided and you know what is right and what is wrong for you

  • How to manifest the life of your dreams through the power of thought

  • How to get clarity on your life purpose

In this course, I will also show you:

The thoughts we create in our mind create our reality.

Creation starts when we combine our positive thoughts with pure trust from our hearts.

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