Private Healing Sessions

During a healing sessions we will work together to identify energy blockages and limiting beliefs that create challenges in your life.

Once we have identified blockages, we can release these and replace them with empowering beliefs. This resolves the blockages and allows the energy to flow. You can feel the unconditional love and positive energy allowing yourself to grow, step into your own power and create your desired reality.

During a healing sessions we focus on what you would like to work on.

These things could include releasing of energy blocks that are consciously or unconsciously holding you back from:

  • Living your life purpose

  • Career growth

  • Meeting your soul mate

  • Losing weight

  • Clarity in life

  • Manifesting wealth... and more!

We will do this together in a way that feels loving, safe and protected. 

How Does a Session Work?

Before a session, it is recommended  to set the intention on what you like to resolve

during the session.

During a session the client should sit in a relaxed and quiet area without being disturbed.

You only have to relax and close your eyes. This will allow you to go into the theta brainwave, a relaxed and meditative state, where you can access your unconscious mind where our beliefs and feelings are held.

Limiting beliefs, which the client might not even be aware of, can be resolved quickly.


The certified practitioner will guide the client through the session by connecting through the Theta Brainwave to The Creator of All That Is, using techniques such as muscle testing and energetic scanning to identify and change limiting beliefs and feelings for empowering ones.


The practitioner is the witness and the divine energy creates the changes.

Theta Healing works as effective over long distance via phone or video call as in person.

Cancellation policy:

24 hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the session fee will be payable.


What Clients Say:

Susie was on point with all of the themes I'm currently experiencing.

She dove deeper into the root cause of my perception of money and some of my habits that weren't in alignment with my goals. I felt a deep energetic shift and I'm truly grateful for her guidance!

Thank you, Susie from the bottom of my heart.

— Eli, Private Client from the US

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