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  • Susie Valentine

Create more success through forgiveness

Many people are focussed on actions they need to take and the technology and tools they have to invest in, in order to grow their business and realise their goals. Whilst I am totally in favour of this, this is not the only thing we can do to achieve happiness and success.

In this article we will touch upon alternative approaches on how to reach your goals and grow your businesses through forgiveness.

One of the main things that hold us back are negative thoughts. Holding on to resentment and anger towards others who have done you wrong, rejected you or simply disliked you will ultimately be only self-destructive. Any hostile thoughts you have towards others overshadow your energy field and create negative energetic connections between you and the other person. This drains your own energy, holds you back, creates fear and results in procrastination. We are often unaware that this feeling of lethargy, indecision and lack of motivation is caused by such negativity.

The most effective way to grow, feel happy and realise your goals in life is something that is often overlooked - forgiveness. When you forgive, you resolve negative energetic cords/connections that hold you back. Forgiveness clears your energetic field and closes any energy leaks that you have, even those you’re unaware of. Forgiveness is also our biggest protection and defence, because when you let go of negative energy, you also stop attracting it.

When you forgive, it creates space for new positive energy to come into your life. It provides an opportunity to up level and attract what you want in life. Combining the law of attraction with forgiveness is a great combination that will help you move forward.

For anyone who would like to try this, I have created a free forgiveness meditation. This meditation takes you into the theta brainwave whereby you can forgive from the conscious, but also the subconscious mind, resolving things on the deepest level.

My next article will focus on how to manifest using the theta brainwave, because a forgiveness meditation followed by a manifesting meditation, using the theta brainwave is the most powerful combination and will set you up for success.

Download your free forgiveness meditation here.



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