My Journey

From Head to Heart came about when I changed my life completely.  I realised that listening to my heart and intuition, instead of my head, 

creates a peaceful state whereby life flows effortlessly.

This is my story about how I was guided to follow my heart, creating a feeling of peace, love and excitement within me.

When I live from my heart, I am guided, I know how to trust myself and to attract the most beautiful things into my life, allowing energy to flow! 


Everybody has the ability to be guided by the flow of life and I would love to support you on that journey.

I learned that living from my head did enable me to reach my goals, but at a very high price. 

I felt constantly under intense pressure, which was exhausting and unfulfilling. Taking charge of my life, having to be in control and always having to be self-motivated became a heavy burden. Moreover, I had to battle with conflict within myself, which left me feeling empty and 'lost'. 


Then I met my spiritual coach. Throughout a year of us working together, she showed me how I could live my life guided by my intuition. I was surprised that this journey felt so good. Once my mind started to trust my intuition and I let go of conscious control, the results were astounding.

The constant stress and pressure that I had felt for so many years disappeared.

For me, there was a big difference between knowing this and applying it correctly.


A lot of self-doubt and fear was replaced by a feeling of genuine freedom.

I attracted my dream job; my relationship with my partner became pure and full of unconditional love; I had a clear mind. Of course, I continued to encounter life's usual challenges, but I intuitively knew how to face and overcome them.

Then I was introduced to ThetaHealing. I received a beautiful healing that had such a profound impact on me that I knew I needed to learn how to do this for myself. At this stage in life, I became open for further spiritual growth and decided to develop myself in the ThetaHealing modality.


For me, ThetaHealing is the most compassionate and effective way of healing trauma, removing energetic barriers, discovering life purpose and manifesting dreams. 

At that time, I had no intention of using it professionally. However, it is now the right course of action for me to take.


During one of my courses, I underwent a healing session with my instructor, which turned out to be a spiritual awakening. 

As a result, my life purpose became clear. I now know that 

I am here to empower people to open their mind, to be guided by their heart and follow their intuition.


By working with me, I will show you how easily you can change from living life from your head to living life from your heart. The beauty and positivity that comes from this.

If you feel any of this resonates with you, please feel free to book a complimentary clarity call.

I am here to serve and support you in your journey.


Discover how THETA HEALING  

Aligns you with your life purpose

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