Empowering driven & motivated individuals to be the very best in all 

areas of their Life


 Grow in Confidence,

Achieve your Goals & Find Fulfilment in Life.

Have you thought about what might be holding you back from having it all? 

To accomplish everything you want, you need to align your conscious and subconscious mind so they work together instead of creating inner conflict. 

Did you know that only 10% of the decisions we take are made by our conscious mind and about 90% of decisions by our subconscious mind?

10% Conscious mind

90% Subconscious mind

Human decision making:

We tend to believe that decisions are made consciously. However, science has shown that the brain's subconscious prepares for our decisions seconds beforehand, resulting in the fact that the subconscious mind is constantly influencing us. 

The beliefs we hold in our subconscious can empower or indeed limit us in our daily life. 

Through my personalised coaching program, discover more about how to change any limiting beliefs you may have by transforming your mindset.



  1. Discover your purpose and accelerate your own path to success and fulfilment

  2. Explore your unlimited potential. Break bad habits and increase confidence in yourself and your abilities

  3. Trust you gut feeling and make better and faster decisions

  4. Stay on your A game whilst having a better and healthier work life balance

  5. Create abundance and strengthen your financial situation

  6. Create your desired breakthroughs and raise your emotional intelligence to become more effective in life

  7. Align mind, body, spirit to reach peak performance

  8. Transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs on a conscious and subconscious level



Align your Passion with your Purpose


Unlock the key to personal and professional success by enhancing human connections.

Recognising other people's emotions, relating to them in a way they feel understood and trusted, resulting in better relationships.

Real connection is not about what you say; it is about the ability to 

perceive and understand different perspectives without judgement.


Happiness, prosperity and fulfilment grow when we increase our awareness and shift to a higher level of consciousness.

Become more aware and let go of lower levels of consciousness such as guilt, anger and fear. Instead, allow higher levels of consciousness such as courage, acceptance and peace to fully integrate into your life and reach greater fulfilment. 


Everybody has moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. 

How much more could you achieve in life if you were not held back by negative thoughts or limiting beliefs?  

In the coaching program, we will

shift your mindset from restrictive conscious or subconscious thoughts to positive and empowering beliefs.



This coaching program is exclusively for open minded and motivated individuals who have created success in some areas, but still feel unfulfilled in other areas of their life. 

I help driven individuals to create fast positive change in their personal life and business by transforming their mindset on a conscious and subconscious level.

Keyboard and Mouse


Solution based and innovative coaching that aligns your business vision with your purpose to make a more positive impact in the world. 

As consultant I support business leaders to unlock the potential within them and their team, to improve staff motivation, create faster and better communication, leading to stronger results.

Susie0010 .JPG
Susie0010 .JPG

I am Susie

I am a mindset coach and advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner.
For the last 12 years, I have focussed on self development, from NLP to energy healing. Understanding what holds us back and more importantly what makes us feel happy and fulfilled has always fascinated me.

With a corporate background in hospitality and real estate investments, it is time for me to heed my calling. My mission is to support and guide driven individuals and leaders to achieve breakthroughs, be more effective in less time and succeed beyond what they thought was possible.

My unique coaching program involves simple tools that can be used in every day life and a meditation technique that aids mindset transformation on a conscious and subconscious level.

3 or 6 Months Private Coaching


What is included:

  • 3 Private coaching calls of 1 hour per month

  • The first call will be a 1.5 hour lift off call

  • Intuitive and solution based coaching supports fast life changes

  • Deep clearing of limiting subconscious beliefs & replacing them with empowering conscious and subconscious beliefs

  • Direct email access or whats app support (1 hour per month)


  • A personal meditation related to the area in your life or business you want to transform



Susie is an amazing and very gifted coach.

It immediately felt safe and secure to do sessions with her and it was such a magical experience. She helped me to find and resolve deeply hidden subconscious blocks concerning my life path. I feel much lighter now - looking into my future with joy and confidence.

— Madeleine, Private Client from Austria

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