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At From Head to Heard we believe that meditation is a phenomenal way to resolve energetic barriers. In a meditative state we can clearing negative patterns and replace them for positive and empowering patterns. It is one of the tools that support our clients in their ongoing growth and life transformation process.


Here’s how it works.

Through meditation negative neurological connections can decrease, reducing feelings of fear stress and anxiety. At the same time meditation builds positive neurological connections within the brain. Supporting self love and promoting attributes of trust, harmony and focus. 

Our meditations help clear and calm the mind. They create a peaceful and loving energy in your body and increase your vibration.

Our meditations create a loving base from where you can think about what you like to attract in your life and set the intention to manifest it, because we do this from a place of love, inner peace and with assistance from the divine energy.  


The morning meditation is particularly good for this. 

You can listen to these meditations for free as we like to fully support you in your life journey.


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