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Executive Coaching

Theta Healing helps businesses to improve the organisational culture, communication and solution based thinking. Leading to improved focus and productivity as well as better client satisfaction and retention.

Motivate or Inspire?

With a great team, you can achieve great results; that is why the team is the priority for many managers.


How do you ensure your team members are driven and looking forward to their work?


A motivational leader lets their team feed of their energy. Giving away their own energy to motivate others. This takes enormous effort, impacts energy levels and when the leader is not around energy levels and enthusiasm drop.

As an inspirational leader, you can completely be yourself. You lead by example without exhausting your own energy levels. You show people how to empower and motivate themselves in a way that aligns with their values. Even if the inspirational leader is not around, energy levels and excitement will remain high, because the team is empowered and knows exactly what motivates them.

Theta Healing helps leaders to increase their vibration to the next level.


Why is this important?


Leading from a higher vibration level allows you to inspire and empower others with even greater effect.

You will be guided by the flow of life which creates what is best for you, your clients, your team and your loved ones.

This leads to alignment, abundance and balance in your life.

To understand more about vibration frequencies (level of consciousness) and my own journey, please see the Map of Consciousness by David R Hawkins.

More ways Theta healing can help

in business:

  • Taking away fears and resolving tensions and stress

  • Let go of influence from others lower vibrations/negativity

  • Increase trust in yourself and your intuition to make better decisions

  • Improving team morale by empowering your team

  • Clarity on goals and focus areas

  • Increased client satisfaction

  • Increase positive vibrations within the organisation

Success in business is influenced by the vibration of its leader.



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