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Awaken your inner strength and set yourself up for success

ThetaHealing® Basic Course

What is ThetaHealing?

The Basic Course is the introduction to using the ThetaHealing technique to access the subconscious mind. The term ‘theta’ refers to a brainwave between deep sleep (Delta waves of 0-4Hz) and a relaxed, meditative state (Alpha waves 7-15Hz). The brainwaves of the theta state (4-7Hz) allows us to access our subconscious mind that holds our beliefs and govern our attitudes and behaviours.

This is a self development technique that strongly supports positive life transformation. During this course, you will learn how beliefs are created in the subconscious mind and the techniques required to access the theta brainwave, giving you the ability to change subconscious beliefs and deeply held patterns in your life. 

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How do I know if this course is for me?

This course can help you if you experience any the following points​:

  • You are taking a lot on at the same time and sometimes it gets a bit much.

  • You like to achieve your goals, but uncertainty or fear leads to procrastination.

  • You have a busy life and job whereby it is not always possible to prioritise yourself.

  • You are successful i.e. great corporate career, a beautiful family, but you are not feeling fulfilled, something is missing.

  • You are feeling stuck or you don’t feel like you are living your real potential.

  • You want to make positive changes in your life.

This course is not for you if you experience some the below points​:

  • You don't belief in something else that is bigger than us that could guide us, such as: the universe, god, Allah, universal intelligence, the Creator, source, the divine, collective consciousness, etc.

  • You are not ready to embark on a journey towards yourself.

  • Individuals with a fixed mindset and do not want to grow.​

  • You don't want to improve your life or grow your business.

During the course you will learn techniques to:

  • Create a better work life balance without having to compromise the output you deliver.

  • Prioritise in an easier and better way and how to be more effective with your time.

  • Connect to the theta brainwave and access the subconscious mind, so you can transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs to achieve your desired goals.

  • Break through any fear or uncertainty and take actions towards your goals.

  • Identify what holds you back from fulfilment and what action steps are required to be able to feel fulfilled.

  • Create positive changes in life without having to constantly force or discipline yourself, but through joy and by following your intuition.

  • Up-level your mindset for new innovations, better solutions and decision making.

  • Identify your life purpose and be in tune with your heart and intuition.

  • You also learn an easy techniques to create peace of mind.


Why use ThetaHealing?

We can use these techniques to banish previously unshakeable bad habits in order to optimise your own fulfilment, eliminate subconscious self-sabotage, instead awakening your inner strength. The technique also helps to end procrastination creating a life aligned with your true self. Whatever past experiences have shaped your current set of subconscious beliefs, there is always a way release these constraints giving you complete ownership of your own future.

The basic class is a prerequisite for more advanced ThetaHealing courses. You will discover how we are all connected to a life force and how we are influenced by the energy that flows around us.

What Others SAY about

Theta Healing  

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Course Fundamentals

​You will learn:

  • What subconscious beliefs are, where they come from, how they shape our life and how to change them.

  • The four levels of beliefs and the seven planes of existence.

  • An introduction to manifesting a truly fulfilled life you aspire to.

  • You learn how to connect with the life force, the energy of creation, the energy of all that is.

  • Summary of universal laws and rules for working with the subconscious.

  • The notion of feelings as energy.

  • An understanding of how energy flows through us including a fresh perspective on spiritual theories such as chakras, psychic senses and higher beings such as guardian angels.

  • Awareness of your subconscious programming and how internal software can be updated by downloading new beliefs.

  • Understanding of the 12 strands of DNA and how they can be energetically activated.

  • Benefits of working with the subconscious mind and best practise for achieving results.


Tools & Techniques

  • How to access the subconscious mind through the ThetaHealing technique.

  • Various techniques for testing beliefs hold in the subconscious mind.

  • How to read the messages received through the theta brainwave.

  • How to identify and replace limiting beliefs for empowering beliefs in the subconscious mind in both yourself and in others.

  • How to discern between different spiritual energy sources.

  • How to protect yourself from the negative energy of others.

  • How to manifest and embrace positive energy of others in your life.

  • How to ground yourself and clean yourself from other energy.

  • How to protect yourself from radiation such as the 5G signals.

More Experiences.. 

"What I am taking home form this course is to trust my intuition more. I have been out of touch with my intuition for a while. I am walking away with a deeper sense of trust."

"Theta energy healing is just love and it feels wonderful."

"I was constantly giving my power away to other people. This time, I have been able to empower myself and get rid of my limiting beliefs. The meditations have been deeper and I have been feeling it from my heart."

"I was looking to connect my mind, body and soul on a deeper level. Some great clicks happened and I am curious where this journey is going to take me. I am feeling so positive after the course."

"You don't know what you don't know about yourself. In this course you will discover what you don't know, but should know about yourself, because it is holding you back. I cleared these beliefs and I feel empowered now." 

Absolutely anyone can do this!

You will get most out of this course if you are open to new ideas, embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself and are willing to engage with meditative and spiritual theory.


Being enthused by the opportunity to make positive changes in your life sets you up for real transformation.

There are no prerequisites for this course and the course is about 70% practical. 

By completing this course you become a ThetaHealing basic practitioner, you will receive a ThetaHealing basic certificate.


Theta Healing Basic Course

26 - 28 July 2024
12:30pm - 7:00pm BST (UK Time)

Live Online

with James Rippingale


Theta Healing Basic Course

20 - 22 September 2024
9:30am - 4:00pm BST (UK Time)

Live Online

with Susie Valentine


Theta Healing Basic Course

8 - 10 November 2024
12:30pm - 7:00pm GMT (UK Time)

Live Online

with James Rippingale


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